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Robert Cauer Violins offers exceptional service to the music community of Los Angeles. Our string instrument shop specializes in rentals purchases, and exclusive restorations. We pride ourselves on our commitment to detail, quality, and care. As a proud member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers and the International Society of Violin and Bow Makers, Robert and his staff are the experts when it comes to violins, violas, and cellos.


We help you find the perfect instrument that matches your style and preferences. Our knowledgeable staff guides you through the process, ensuring a personalized experience. Choose from our extensive collection of violins, violas, cellos, and basses. Discover your ideal instrument.
You can always upgrad when you are ready by taking advantage of our trade-back policy


We offer a comprehensive rental program, ensuring every aspiring musician can play a high-quality instrument.
Our convenient and affordable rental services cater to students and professionals alike.
Choose from our well-maintained inventory suitable for all levels, with flexible short-term or long-term options.


Preserving the beauty and integrity of classical string instruments is our top priority. Our skilled team of luthiers provides comprehensive restoration services, enhancing both the tonal and visual qualities of your instrument. From minor repairs to full restoration, we use traditional techniques and the finest materials to address cracks, varnish wear, soundpost adjustments, and more.


Customers should allow 30-45 minutes for rental transactions. Please make an appointment to rent an instrument.




  • REFERENCE- required (a teacher or a customer of ours) If no reference is available, we will need several months rental in advance.


  • Violin or viola $18-88/month

  • Cello $45-100/month

  • CLEANING FEE- Violin/viola $30. Cello $50- cleaning fee only refundable when the same instrument is later purchased; billed up-front for when the instrument is returned.


  • First 90 days applied 100%

  • Subsequent payments applied 50%

  • Rental credit can be used towards rented instruments or new instruments up to half the retail value.

  • Rental Credit never expires and can be applied without a time limit after the rental instrument has been returned.


The People who make up our shop

Robert Cauer

Having grown up in a family of professional musicians, Robert Cauer was already an accomplished cellist when he was accepted to the prestigious Mittenwald School of Violin Making in Bavaria. Upon graduation, he came to the United States to study repair and restoration as an apprentice to Simone F. Sacconi at the renowned workshop of Rembert A. Wurlitzer.He established Robert Cauer Violins in 1980 and has since gained widespread recognition as a provider of fine instruments, repair, restoration, and authority to the trade. In addition to managing his business, Rober is a member of Entente Internationale, has served as president of the American Federation of Violin Makers and is often asked to jury violin making competitions and lecture on the craft.

The Birth of a Violin

Cauer's Journey

Herod Williams

Head of Robert Cauer's Atelier

Professional Violin Luthier and
Assistant to Robert Cauer
Working with Robert Cauer
Violins since 1988

Todd Weisenberger

Professional Violin Restoration

Working with Robert Cauer
Violins since 1986

Jay Song

Professional Violin and Bow

Working with Robert Cauer
Violins since 1986

Jonathan Rubin

Professional Violinist and Violin
Assistant to Robert Cauer
Sales and Customer Service since 2003

Lupe Hernandez

Office Manager

Working with Robert Cauer
Violins since 2006

Samantha Dickman

Violin Restoration


Trade-back Policy

We will gladly trade back an instrument (from the original customer to whom the instrument was sold) toward the purchase of another instrument owned by us which is of equal or higher value. The trade-back value is 100% of the purchase price minus any costs necessary to return that instrument to a sellable condition. For instruments with greater damage, we deduct for repair and also for devaluation. If the instrument was purchased by credit card, the trade-back value is 97% to account for the 3% credit card charge.
If the price of the new item exceeds the trade by less than $400, there will be a $50 deduction on the trade-back in order to compensate for our time of processing the exchange.
If the price of the new violin/viola is higher by $1000 or more (cellos $1,300 higher or more), than the original price of the trade back, we do not deduct for the following routine procedures:
planing the fingerboard replacing the strings
Our cost for these procedures varies between $90 and $350 for violins/violas and between $200 and $600 for cellos. Again, these deductions are only necessary if the next instrument is not high enough in value that we can absorb the cost.
We always deduct from the value of traded instruments for cracks, scratches and other damage; in serious cases, devaluation is necessary. Note: excessive scratches take a great deal of time to retouch and can be costly. Please do your best to minimize the amount of scratches on your instrument, especially from the bow and shoulder rest. Please refer to our Care Guide at
With bows, the trade-back value is 100% of the purchase price less necessary repair work and possible devaluation. The most frequent deductions are for a rehair, for a new thumb leather and for replacement of a broken tip. Because of costs for these repairs, it usually is not possible to trade back a bow valued at $65 or less. Our trade-back policy may be changed at any time. Effective 5/1/2018.

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