Violins for Rent 

If you want to find out if your child would be interested in learning the violin or cello, without having to invest too much money, renting an instrument might be a good solution. At Robert Cauer Violins in Los Angeles, we have a wide variety of violins for rent. If you want to purchase your rental, we can apply the cost of the first three months in full. We can also use one-half of any further payments towards any instrument of your choice. Our instrument rentals vary in price, depending on the value. We encourage everyone interested in an instrumental rental to read our rental policy, and you can complete the rental application here.

Parents interested in renting for the three-month period should always make sure they bring their child into our shop to get sized. When would be the right time to change from rental to a purchase? Once you are sure that between determination and your child’s willingness to go on – you might consider buying.

Cellos for Rent

Finding a responsive instrument is essential for musical growth, and we can help you to find quality cellos for rent in an array of sizes. Our customers come from a wide range of musical backgrounds. We understand the needs of players at any stage of their musical development, from beginning cellists to professional performers.

Finding the right cello is a personal journey, and we are happy to assist you at every stage. Play a variety of quality cellos right in the store before making your selection. Our cellos are available in every size, and we can also size young musicians for their cello. Professional performers will appreciate our premium selection of rare, antique, and contemporary cellos. We look forward to your visit, but please call ahead to arrange a visit.

Violas for Rent

Anyone looking to rent a quality instrument can find refined violas for rent at Robert Cauer Violins. Our wide selection of violas come from the most respected makers. We also carry viola bows and accessories that complement your new rental or purchase and enable you to enjoy the finest sounds as soon as you get home with your new treasure.

To get the process started, call us today with any questions. We encourage you to feel comfortable asking all of your questions. If you wish to visit our shop please call ahead to arrange a visit.

Stringed Instrument Rentals

High-quality stringed-instrument rentals can help musicians to soar to new musical heights during their performances. Robert Cauer Violins provides a variety of high-quality instruments available for rent to many communities in Los Angeles. Our minimum rental period is three months, and we strongly encourage you to make an appointment before you decide to visit us so that we can find the right instrument for your needs.