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Helping musicians find the best cello for your needs is what we do best, and there are many details to consider. The size of the cello is just the beginning; however, it is certainly critical for younger musicians. We offer a range of instruments in all sizes from some of the most prestigious makers. Our knowledgeable staff can help you locate the instrument with the sound preference you desire. Each instrument is unique, and subtle differences create a sense of compatibility for the player.

It is important to know that these differences are a matter of personal attributes as much as the quality of the cello. Especially with older cellos, the string length can vary a bit. For musicians with smaller hands, this is an important factor to consider. The types of strings also affect the final sound quality. They create a sound that is brighter, darker, smoother, or more aggressive. This is to a degree matter of taste. Since we are familiar with the effect of different strings, we are happy to guide you further once you choose a particular instrument.

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