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Robert Cauer violins offers a wide range of string instrument bows you can find in the Los Angeles area. With a wide selection of bows for violins, violas, and cellos. We can help you to find a great bow for your playing style and budget that is appropriate for the student, advanced player, or professional. The bow selection process might be new to some players. Our dedicated staff is always ready to help if you need it.

While beginning students might need a simple bow that produces a satisfying legato stroke, more advanced players may need a bow that that enables their advanced bowing techniques. The right bow will help musicians stay motivated during the difficult learning curve in the beginning.

Locate the best violin bows for sale at Robert Cauer Violins. We enjoy the art of helping players find the right bow for your chosen instrument. The bow is a complete instrument, and the art of pairing a great bow with an amazing violin, viola, or cello can do wonders for the self-confidence of the musician. Our top-quality bows come in all sizes and price ranges. Contact us today to make an appointment to visit us.

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